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The Planning Deadline is over – What NOW?

Well, first, you are still able to send in any objections, write to the planning department if you have not already done so, and encourage your neigbours and friends to send in their objections. Objections will be taken into consideration untill the application goes before the planning committe.  

As this is written (5th September 2016) the planning portal is now accepting "public" comments please visit HERE AND MAKE YOURS

This planning application will not be passed under “Delegated Powers” and it will have to go before Trafford Council planning committee, and this is very likely to be November (it could be October) Due to the complex nature of this application its could even go into the New Year 2017.

Many of the Councillors who sit on the planning committee are from outside this local area, and until the actual planning committee papers/agenda are served upon them, most will not be aware about this application.

All of the Councillor details are in the public domain, and you are within your rights to contact them to let them know what your feelings are.

This is not like writing to the planning department, where your reasons to object should soley be on planning grounds, you can write to the planning committee members and express your own personal feelings.

So please do contact all of the planning committee members, and this includes the reserves (substitutes)  with your concerns and if you have a copy, send them your objection letter.
You can also invite members of the planning committee to where you live to show them why you are objecting and let them hear your concerns.

With time running out, now is the time to start sending in the letters, and spread the word. That We need to let the planning committee know what is going on, and the disruption that this is causing to local community cohesion.  

Councillor Mrs. Vivienne Ward   Chairman
Home address:  34 Delbooth Avenue
Manchester M41 8SD
Phone:  0161 912 3806
Bus. email:  viv.ward@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor Daniel Edward Bunting Vice-Chairman
Home address:  233 Manor Avenue
Sale M33 4NP
Phone:  0161 905 2786
Bus. email:  dan.bunting@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor Dr. Karen Barclay Committee Member
Home address:  10 Melrose Crescent
Hale WA15 8NN
Mobile:  07598 240329
Bus. phone:  0161 980 3462
Bus. email:  karen.barclay@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor Nathan Evans Committee Member
Correspondence address: 
Trafford Town Hall
Talbot Road
Manchester M32 0TH
Email:  nathan.evans@trafford.gov.uk
Mobile:  07843368041

Councillor Tony Fishwick Committee Member
Home address:  189 Shaftesbury Avenue
Altrincham WA15 7AY
Phone:  0161 980 3223
Mobile:  07760 167580
Email:  tony.fishwick@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor Philip Gratrix Committee Member
Home address:  23 Dunollie Road
Sale M33 2PD
Phone:  0161 905 2123
Mobile:  07760 167 223
Email:  philip.gratrix@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor David Hopps Committee Member
Home address:  Apartment 3, The Choirs
249 Marsland Road
Sale M33 7UJ
Mobile:  07814 650371
Bus. email:  david.hopps@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor Ejaz Malik Committee Member
Home address:  211 Seymour Grove
Old Trafford
Manchester M16 9QS
Phone:  0161 881 0967
Mobile:  07752 667 445
Bus. phone:  0161 862 9786
Bus. email:  ejaz.malik@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor Dolores O'Sullivan Committee Member
Correspondence address: 
Trafford Town Hall
Talbot Road
Manchester M32 0TH
Phone:  0161 747 2077
Email:  dolores.osullivan@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor Bernard Sharp Committee Member
Home address:  The Coach House
67a Langham Road
WA14 3NT
Phone:  0161 928 6121
Bus. mobile:  07752 667460
Bus. email:  bernard.sharp@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor John Smith Committee Member
Home address:  Neuholme
Manchester Road
Partington M31 4FB
Phone:  0161 777 6871
Bus. phone:  0161 777 9438
Bus. email:  john.smith@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor Laurence Walsh Committee Member
Correspondence address: 
Trafford Town Hall
Talbot Road
M32 0TH
Phone:  0161 912 5208
Email:  laurence.walsh@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor James Alexander Wright Committee Member
Correspondence address: 
Trafford Town Hall
Talbot Road
Email:  james.wright@trafford.gov.uk


Councillor Jane Brophy  (Reserve)
Home address:  22 Meadow Bank
WA15 6QP
Phone:  0161 962 6494
Bus. email:  jane.brophy@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor Rob Chilton  (Reserve)
Home address:  2 Tulip Close
M33 5RX
Mobile:  07817 888 593
Bus. email:  robert.chilton@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor Brian Rigby MBE  (Reserve)
Home address:  The Coach House
5 Sandiway Road
M33 5AJ
Bus. phone:  0161 912 2633
Bus. fax:  0161 969 7640
Bus. mobile:  07760 167484
Bus. email:  brian.rigby@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor Brian Shaw  (Reserve)
Home address:  4 Cumberland Road
M41 9HS
Phone:  0161 748 6658
Bus. email:  brian.shaw@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor Whit Stennett MBE  (Reserve)
Home address:  6 Basford Road
M16 0GE
Phone:  0161 860 6733
Bus. phone:  0161 912 3938
Bus. mobile:  07946 398168
Bus. email:  whit.stennett@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor Michael Whetton  (Reserve)
Home address:  7 Mulberry Court
Gaskell Road
WA14 1TL
Mobile:  07752 667442
Bus. email:  michael.whetton@trafford.gov.uk

Councillor Denise Western  (Reserve)
Correspondence address:
Trafford Town Hall
Talbot Road
M32 0TH
Email:  denise.western@trafford.gov.uk
Mobile:  07794 080240


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