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Welcome to The Wellgreen

Thank you for visiting The Wellgreen website. 
We have set this up for local people in the Wellgreen area of Hale, and you will find snipits of news and information as we get it, plus other stuff. 
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Welcome to The Wellgreen


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A very well written report on the public meeting regarding the proposed Hale / Hale Barns Eruv can be found at the Altrincham Today web site, please read the report HERE

The "Official Hale Eruv website" had been taking comments in via the <commenting> system or <forum> in recent times with hundreds of comments being made.
In the recent public meeting many confirmed that comments had been censored. Understandable to an extent.

It had been pledged that public comments could be made until the 5th December. We visited the web site in the early hours of 3rd December 2014 and noticed that a number of items had been changed.

Most worryingly is that every single <comment plus response> have now been removed from the Eruv website. 

This is worrying, knowing that a number of people had originally had comments censored and now as this is written all comments have been removed from the public domain.  

Are you aware that a Eruv - A religious boundary is planned for HERE where you live?

Hundreds of religious poles are could be erected, including here on the Wellgreen {From Thorley Lane, Old Meadow Lane, Clarke Crescent, Wellfield Lane} and throughout Hale and Hale Barns.

Is one going to be outside your house?

Please listen to this radio interview that took place on the 28th November HERE

Have a read at the Altrincham Today web site HERE

The Eruv website can be found HERE

More Photos of where you live can be found HERE

A public meeting takes place Sunday 30.11.14 8.00pm at the Marriot Hotel , Hale Road, Hale Barns

Can you help to let others know? Most have no idea about the scale and magnitude of this and a precedent it could set for other religious groups.

Please comment on our Facebook Page HERE

You can also register and comment on our Forum HERE


New additions to the Wellgreen Web site is a new contact form that you can find HERE So if you now need to contact this web site you can do so 

We have also added a brand new section to our Forum area "Where are they now" so looking for an old friend or neighbour you have it! Where are they now 

Chinese New Year theme Fun Day -

Saturday 1st February 2pm - 4pm.

Due to the heavy amount of rain in recent weeks, the venue

will be:

The King George Pub, Moss Lane

(near the Football Ground).

Come and join us for a Chinese New Year themed afternoon.

Raffle, masks, dragons, have your name

written in Chinese, Chinese Chequers,

Jenga, plus craft and colouring

activities. For families and all ages.

All welcome!

for more information contact


First meeting of Wellfield Lane Park Group is on 10th June at 8pm at Wellgreen Lodge. All welcome.