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Welcome to The Wellgreen

Thank you for visiting The Wellgreen website. 
We have set this up for local people in the Wellgreen area of Hale, and you will find snipits of news and information as we get it, plus other stuff. 
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Welcome to The Wellgreen


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 From GMP Trafford South

Burglary occurred evening time on 7 December on Clay Lane, Hale .... offender(s) entered the front door and stole a handbag.

Have you found a hand bag discarded near you please take it to your local police station. 

Did you see anyone loitering around on this road? Please report to 101.

Also Tarbolton Crescent, Hale 

Offenders force lower panel of kitchen door, gain entry and steal several items. 

 A group of people met on the 10th December to discuss how to move forward with the proposed Eruv around Hale and Hale Barns.

A number of ideas and suggestion where put forward and noted.

We are led to believe that a statement from the Rabbi will be issued over the next few days, and it was agreed unanimously that we would wait for this statement before taking any further action.


BBC Northwest Tonight visited The Wellgreen and filmed an item regarding the proposed Eruv (a religious boundary)

Here is the clip



A meeting is planned for next Wednesday regarding the proposed Eruv around Hale and Hale Barns.

A this moment the location for the meeting has not been announced, but if you would like details please can you contact us by following THIS LINK

Winter Fundraiser for Wellfield Lane Park.

A little way off, but there are plans to hold a Winter Fun Day to raise funds for a notice board for Wellfield Lane Park. This will be on the afternoon of Sat 10th Jan 2015 at Wellgreen Lodge, more details to follow soon.

Friends of Wellfield Lane Park have been busy through the Autumn planting spring bulbs, and 2 weeks ago a new bench which installed by the Friends group, to provide seating outside of the children's play area. All support and offers of help welcome.

To find out more or to ask any questions, please follow this Forum link

Last time it was a Chinese New year Theme