Save the Timperley Wedge Greenbelt
2010 when the snow came down
The postbox at The Wellgreen shops
Do you remember "The Square"
Before Booths was built

Welcome to The Wellgreen

Thank you for visiting The Wellgreen website. 
We have set this up for local people in the Wellgreen area of Hale, and you will find snipits of news and information as we get it, plus other stuff. 
Please join our mailing list, say hello on Facebook, or join our Forum. 

Welcome to The Wellgreen


Join our mailing list.


If you, a neighbour or a friend would like to make an objection but would like to do it via post or email please download the template letter we have created it is as an attachment below.

Anyone over 13 can send in an objection. The preferred method is on-line but we know many people that find this complex or simply are not in the connected world.

Please feel free to print of copies and to pass them on.  


Download this file (FORMAL OBJECTION LETTER_ST.pdf)Formal letter of objection (.pdf) [Formal letter of objection (.pdf)]202 kB
Download this file (FORMAL OBJECTION LETTER_STDOC.doc)Formal letter of objection (.doc) [Formal letter of objection (.doc) ]31 kB

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