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We have set this up for local people in the Wellgreen area of Hale, and you will find snipits of news and information as we get it, plus other stuff. 
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What next? What can we / you do?

Trafford is consulting on its draft Local Plan (the consultation ends on 18th March 2021) – please spread the message to ensure as many people as possible to take part in this, as the consultation has very little publicity.  More information can be found at the following link

If you have any enquiries regarding the draft Trafford Local Plan or wish to discuss how to get involved in the virtual consultation, please email or call 0161 912 3149 and a member of the Strategic Planning Team will be able to assist.


Furthermore, the GMSF has been replaced by “Places for everyone” and we are awaiting a revised timetable.  In the meantime, our green belt remains at risk.  It is vital we take action to save our green belt areas for ourselves, but, more importantly, for our children and our grandchildren.


In May, we will have the Local Council elections and it would be good to see one or two local people standing as independent candidates with the aim of promoting the green belt cause.  To stand does not cost any money and is pretty easy to do.  Help and guidance can be provided if YOU want to consider standing as a local independent candidate.

Please think about standing as a local candidate in the May local elections, it is extremely unlikely that you will get elected, but it will send out a clear message that local people, can support local voices, to raise concerns about local issues.


If you, a neighbour or a friend would like to make an objection but would like to do it via post or email please download the template letter we have created it is as an attachment below.

Anyone over 13 can send in an objection. The preferred method is on-line but we know many people that find this complex or simply are not in the connected world.

Please feel free to print of copies and to pass them on.  


Download this file (FORMAL OBJECTION LETTER_ST.pdf)Formal letter of objection (.pdf) [Formal letter of objection (.pdf)]202 kB
Download this file (FORMAL OBJECTION LETTER_STDOC.doc)Formal letter of objection (.doc) [Formal letter of objection (.doc) ]31 kB

We now have A3 posters at the printers, along with double sided A4 flyers. These will be ready for collection/distribution early next week.

Meanwhile if you want to print some out yourself, or to share, please see the attachments at the bottom of this message. 

Please download with the attachments links below. 

Download this file (feb19_flyer.pdf)A4 Flyer[A4 Flyer]498 kB
Download this file (green belt under threat poster.pdf)Green Belt under threat poster[Green Belt under threat poster]50 kB

Over 100 people came out in force to protest at the proposals to build 2.400 homes on the Timperley wedge green belt.
Neil Taylor, one of the organisers states “People are not at all happy that there has been very little information in the public domain about proposals to build 2,400 homes on the Timperley Wedge greenbelt. This consultation must be flawed by excluding people that are not on the internet or the connected world.
I have taken many phone calls from worried local people about these proposals and I feel sad that the local authority at the very least should have sent out letters informing people about the loss of green belt if things go ahead. We have had a team of people in the area delivering flyers, and if we had not done this very few people would know anything about this. The word Horrified comes up again and again”      

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework 2019 Draft is out, and there are plans to build a massive 2,400 homes on the Timperley Wedge. This is the Greenbelt area by the side of the Wellgreen.

Down Ash Lane, Clay Lane, over Ash Farm. The green area between us and Manchester Airport. 

Read more on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework 2019 Draft HERE

Take part in the consultation BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK 


You only have until the 18th March 2019 to get your comments in. Please, please follow this link 

The greenbelt must be saved and we are not being listened to.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester promised during his election campaign to save the greenbelt, he has gone back on his words, and has endorsed the destruction of our greenbelt.

We are being told time and time again about the problems with air quality, and pollution, yet here we have a proposal to rip up the greenbelt and build 2,400 home, plus the extra cars that will go with this.
The green area is our final lung between Trafford and Manchester Airport.

We all know the damage of the de-forestation of the rain forest and the global impact this has had, but the overall plan is to build on the greenbelt on all TEN local Greater Manchester Authorities.

Of the homes that are being proposed 70% will NOT BE AFFORDABLE.

The local infrastructure cannot cope as it is, schools are oversubscribed, doctors, dentist are full. The roads are gridlocked.
Is this a exercise to collect an extra 2,400 lots of Council Tax for the purse?

Please let your friends, family, neighbours and everyone else know about the plans as very few people have any idea what is going to happen.

I did warn in 2016 that this day would come, please follow THIS LINK.

Find a detailed map that you can zoom in and explore about these plans by following THIS LINK

Please do not hesitate to contact me via THIS CONTACT FORM